Patent, Trademark, And Intellectual Property Representation For Businesses And Corporations

About Our Intellectual Property Firm And Attorneys

Fogarty IP is an intellectual property (IP) firm in Texas that focuses on business and corporate intellectual property representation.

Each of our attorneys has more than 15 years of experience in IP law practice. We served in large IP law firms before coming together to create a right-sized IP firm that allows us to give clients the personalized attention they deserve.

Our depth and breadth of knowledge are great assets to our clients, ranging from mid-sized companies to Fortune 300 companies. Each attorney worked in a profession such as engineering before embarking on a legal career.

Learn about our backgrounds and qualifications:

As lawyers with extensive technical experience, we possess a deep understanding of technologies pertinent to a variety of electrical and mechanical areas.

About Our Clients And The Valuable Services We Provide To Them

While large corporations often have their own legal departments, their lawyers may require additional support in areas of the law such as IP representation. Our team has a great deal of experience working closely with corporate attorneys, adapting our level of service to their needs and comfort levels.

Midsized companies, on the other hand, may require more robust support in a wide variety of legal issues related to IP, including copywriting, licensing and franchising.

What our clients need is what we deliver.

Our knowledge of technical fields as well as our years of experience meeting the needs of all types and sizes of companies have brought us many grateful clients over the years. We are ready to hear your story and help you file for patents or craft other IP solutions that your organization needs to stay on the cutting edge.

About The IP Needs On Your Mind Today

Let us hear from you by phone at 469-985-3505 or by email. Our team is available to evaluate your situation and recommend the most expedient way to procure the appropriate IP protections for your business.