Patent, Trademark, And Intellectual Property Representation For Businesses And Corporations

About Patent Law Services For Our Corporate Clients

Companies stay competitive by developing and producing new products and services and applying new ways of doing business. Patents are a time-honored way of protecting the intellectual property (IP) associated with new inventions that may become marketable products. At Fogarty IP, our patent law attorneys help companies and corporations through each step of the patent filing process, including:

  • Determining the viability of an invention
  • Conducting a patent search
  • Submitting a provisional, and then a nonprovisional, patent application

Our clients often seek patents for computer, mechanical, electrical, defense-related and telephone-related products.

Our Attorneys’ Knowledgeable Assistance With The Patent Application Process

Each of our attorneys had professional experience as engineers and other types of professionals before going to law school. We have historical knowledge in technical fields while also working hard to stay on the cutting edge in our understanding of current technological fields.

Patents are a strong focus of our IP law practice. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience helping companies obtain patents by:

  • Writing and documenting patent applications
  • Filing patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Helping clients through each step of the patent procurement process.

Most of our clients’ patents are in technological fields having to do with computers, mechanical and electrical inventions, military defense needs and telecommunications. With our help, they protect their valuable IP through patents and other legal solutions.

Why Work With Fogarty IP For Your Patent Needs:

Our experience speaks for itself. Many companies have been long-term clients of our firm, while others confidently turn to us – based on referrals and our track record – with time-sensitive IP-related concerns. Our many satisfied clients are a testament to the effectiveness of our patent representation.

To schedule a consultation, call 469-985-3505 or inquire online for a prompt response regarding your company’s patent needs.