Patent, Trademark, And Intellectual Property Representation For Businesses And Corporations

When Your Company Needs Ongoing Intellectual Property Support

Not all large corporations have a full cadre of in-house attorneys to meet all legal needs of said companies. Some in-house lawyers occasionally bring in other attorneys on a temporary basis to meet special needs or cope with large volumes of work. Others opt to work with other firms to handle specific areas of the law, such as intellectual property (IP).

Smaller companies also have such needs whether or not they have in-house attorneys.

Our intellectual property (IP) attorneys at Fogarty IP often take over the roles of in-house counsel for companies that lack their own attorneys or whose in-house lawyers need additional support. We essentially run the IP functional area of the clients’ businesses. We do so under their direction, control and budgets.

Examples Of Tasks For Outsourced In-House Counsel

We sometimes say we are “outsourced in-house counsel” because of the long-term relationships that we maintain with companies that lack sufficient in-house counsel for their IP needs.

We will serve as outside IP attorneys for one-time needs as well as long term for company owners and managers who are looking for long-term relationships with IP attorneys or teams of attorneys.

Our clients’ IP needs include:

  • Patent mining
  • Patent searches
  • The identification of new inventions
  • The filing of applications for trademarks
  • Patents and copyrights
  • The preparation of licenses for joint ventures with other companies
  • The preparation of infringement and invalidity studies for proposed products and services
  • Other IP issues

Request A Case Analysis

What are your company’s IP needs that have led you to begin the search for a patent lawyer for your company? Is someone infringing on your patent? Or are you hoping to establish a long-term relationship with a patent attorney or law firm? Our attorneys are ready to explain clearly to you how we can help you cost-effectively and consistently.

To schedule a consultation, call 469-985-3505 or send an email inquiry. Let’s talk about your company’s need for outside counsel on a long-term or one-time basis.