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EV patents are on the rise as companies seek to improve on basics

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | Intellectual Property

Trends in patents often reflect trends in consumer sales. In recent years, technological and medical patents have been some of the most lucrative, but what companies want to develop constantly changes. For example, increasing transportation costs and worries about climate matters have heightened consumer interest in more sustainable methods of transportation.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are complex pieces of equipment that use cutting-edge systems to provide highly-efficient, battery-powered transportation for motorists. They are as environmentally-friendly as the electrical grid where their owners recharge them. They have proprietary computer systems and even specially-designed battery banks and alternators that help keep everything fully charged.

Of course, the current drawbacks of this technology include the danger and delay of charging and limited travel ability without using fuel. The constant need to improve the existing systems used to power and recharge electric vehicles has certainly led to massive innovations within the vehicle engineering room. For example, in recent weeks, there has been an influx of high-profile patent applications related to specialty systems for EVs.

Enhanced EV design seems to be a growing trend

There was a time not long ago when the three big domestic automotive manufacturers effectively ignored the idea of electric vehicles. However, when Asian manufacturers began to corner a market with more demand than people previously expected, domestic producers started paying attention again.

Although the largest domestic manufacturers are still trying to close the gap with new EVs and better systems, other companies have paved the way and helps generate consumer demand for efficient and reliable EVs. Now, domestic manufacturers want proprietary technology that will make their EVS more attractive than the competitors. For example, Ford recently applied for a patent for a system that allows for a spare battery on the roof of a vehicle. General Motors, on the other hand, recently published notice of its patent application from 2021 that has to do with a robotic arm for EV charging. Both of these patents seek to address shortcomings in the current EV charging and power storage systems, and more innovation is likely on the way.

Successful companies that are working to design new components and systems for EVS may find that they need outside support when prosecuting a patent related to any technological advances that they achieve. Bringing in outside lawyers who specialize in patents can help take the risk and frustration out of the prosecution process when companies have new ideas or designs to protect.